Spring/Summer Grab Bags

Spring/Summer Grab Bags

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Love a little mystery? How about getting a great deal?     Well then, this is for you!

You will get a SURPRISE bag of clothing, in the size of your choice.  Each grab bag will contain 3 main clothing items (socks or bows may or may not be included and are not considered main clothing items.)  If you order more than one grab bag in the same size, we will do our absolute best to ensure they are different. 

Items will be spring/summer themed...could be pants, could be shorts, could be tanks. long sleeves or short sleeves.  But everything will be something wearable for the spring or summer months.  (we aren't going to be sending you ginger or mustard hued clothing....) 

You will receive more retail value in product than you pay. Guaranteed. 

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