12 Days of Christmas Bow Bundles LIMITED PRE-SALE

~~NO MORE THAN 2 BOXES PER ORDER. PLEASE CHECK OUT SEPARATELY FOR MORE THAN 2 BOXES.~~ (also note that if two boxes are purchased then may come in a bag together...or taped together securely)

THIS IS A PRE-SALE. That means some of these are ready to go, and some are not. Please allow up to 5 Business days from date of purchase to ship. 

For the first time ever, we are excited to offer a 12 Days of Christmas Boutique Bow Bundle Box! 

Each box contains 12 individuals bags, numbered 1-12, with a new unreleased bow for each day! Most boxes of the same size will be very similar to identical. If you want two mostly different boxes, your best bet would be to purchase a 4" or mixed box with a 5" Deluxe box. 

3" Bitty Sets (all 12 bags will contain a set of 3" matching Bitty Boutique Bows)
4" (all 12 bags will contain a 4" unlined Boutique Bow) 
5" (all 12 bags will contain a 5" lined Boutique Bow)
5" Deluxe (all 12 bags will contain a 5" Deluxe layered boutique bow featuring two sizes of ribbons and fun combinations!)
Mixed (all 12 bags will contain a Boutique Bow, sizes will vary)

Please note that packaging may be different than what is shown. However all will arrive in boxes, with numbered bags.