About Us


Merce & I are so excited that you have chosen to shop with us, and we hope you love the styles, quality and comfort of all our garments.  Merce & I love to design each piece for you and your girl right here in the heart of America....Oklahoma! 

I started Merce & Me with a few pairs of socks and a dream to be able to stay home with our kids, as my husband was active duty military and unfortunately not home enough to allow me to continue my work as a Mental Health Professional AND give the children a parent in attendance at all their functions, games, practices and events. So in 2017, Merce & Me was born!  Merce was only 5 at the time, but had a big opinion on everything and has been providing input, design inspiration, modeling and most recently photography for the brand since the beginning. 

Socks grew into bows, then the Original Bettie Buttons shorties were born! Soon we added flutter tanks and then exploded into the variety of styles you see on our site now! We are consistently adding more styles and designs, and you'll see a variety of red, white and blue styles at all times of the year.  We take our military family pride seriously around here! Afterall, red white and blue is our favorite color. :) 

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime, at hello@merceandme.com